White Sneaker Love

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For years I was anti-sneakers. Not because they aren’t great for exercise, but because I’d shown up in Europe post-college wearing white, puffy Nike’s with see-through gel soles and soon realized that they were best for college campuses. That was 24 years ago. Clearly it left an impression.

However,  after being diagnosed with a painful neuroma, I’ve stuck to shoes with a wide toe box and even got arches to take pressure off the neuroma (although I never seem to remember to insert them).

After debating white sneakers for months, I settled on this Adidas pair. Shortly after, I found these great vegan ones, Veja, and wish I’d seen them earlier. Next sneaker purchase!

In this photo I’m wearing them with a fluffy tulle skirt procured in Venice and TranquiliT boyfriend tank knotted in front. I’ve also paired them with the perfect pant and boyfriend tank, slip dress and perfect pant, and the slip dress solo as shown in photos below.

Who knew they were so versatile and comfy?!

You’re probably already in the know about the white sneaker craze and familiar with the numerous ways to pair them with skirts, dresses, and pants. In case you need more inspiration, here you go:

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I’ve enjoyed pushing past my tiny t trauma of traipsing around Europe and feeling out of place with a huge backpack fastened to my body and oh-so-American footwear.

Now I enjoy wandering about with comfy footwear that pairs with everything and doesn’t have see-through purple gel soles. White sneakers, I apologize for coming late to the party and am a new convert. Bisous. x