Tranquilosophy: Be Kind

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be kind

Week 51: Be Kind

I was in New York City hauling my overstuffed luggage up and down the subway stairs. After a week-long workshop, I headed to Central Park for a little sunshine before boarding the bus back to DC. Unfortunately that meant multiple staircases with a heavy load in sweltering August heat.

The two times I needed assistance crawling up the stairs, a kind soul would grab the other end of the bag and help me to the street. I didn’t ask. Someone paused, noticed my struggle, and offered a hand.

It was two summers ago and I still remember that gesture with gratitude. Kindness. Although kindness seems like a basic concept, I looked up the definition to see its official description: benevolence, a desire to do good to others, considerate, or helpful.

Every day we are granted numerous opportunities to be kind or not so kind.

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