A Fresh Start

love notes
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Every moment is a fresh beginning. —T.S. Eliot

Hello love. Are you feeling the pressure of figuring everything out before we head into the new year?

I feel you.

And I encourage you to transition into this fresh beginning with ease and self-compassion.

We won’t wake up as a new person without our quirks, habits, and struggles on January 1. We’ll still be in the same bodies, with the same tics, and the same human experience. There’s no “new you” around the corner.

I don’t write this to discourage you. I wish to embolden you to recognize that we have the chance to begin again every single day. And multiple times a day by asking, Does this decision serve my higher purpose? or What do I need most right now?

I’ll give an example. I woke up with a massive migraine yesterday and had to scramble to rearrange my plans. My head needed time to adapt to the intense medication and for the throbbing to subside. I couldn’t push through.

After a bit of wallowing under the covers to block the light, I reminded myself that I could reimagine the day. I knew that this overwhelming sensation was temporary in the big picture and at some point the pain would subside.

A few hours later, I staggered out of bed, took care of Gizmo’s needs (he likes to be hand fed and our ½ block walk takes 30 minutes), and settled in for a much slower day ahead.

I share this as a reminder that it’s okay to go slowly into 2023. This year may have been particularly hard for you (I’ve been hearing this from so. many. people.) and it’s okay to be feeling a mixture of emotions right now.

I’m working on my Year in Review (coming next week) and realizing how challenging it has been physically (new hip), mentally (lots of being “on” time), and emotionally (constant caregiving).

However, I’m also noticing a sense of appreciation bubbling up for all these experiences and the ways they continue to shape me as I head toward my 50th birthday in 2023.

I’ll still be toasting 2022 with heartfelt gratitude and welcoming 2023 with a sense of wonder at tonight’s Coterie Welcome Soiree and tomorrow’s Virtual Retreat while also contemplating slight shifts.

I hope you’ll join me in the toast either virtually at our events or spiritually.

I wish you the most tranquil transition into 2023 and the recognition that you have the chance to begin again at any moment. And again. And again. Bisous. x