Detox Diaries: Day Four

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Day four was a doozy thanks to a migraine gone wild.

My day started with low energy and a headache that hung from the night before. I chalked it up to energy output coupled with an emotionally-charged past few days in our country.

After an hour staring at the ceiling where I vacillated between self-flagellation and self-compassion, I got up to walk the pups, pop Advil, and eat breakfast. Then I slipped into the tub to soak where I began to come alive. Baths usually have that effect.

I put on my TranquiliT leggings and 2in1 top—my uniform from September through March, added the TranquiliT slip dress and my new tee with “feminist” printed across the chest in gold foil. Topped with a blazer, leopard-print jacket, and boots, I was ready for the office!

Feeling better, I decided to walk and get my steps (10k/day goal). During the 30-minute jaunt, I called my seamstress to chat samples for next week’s spring TranquiliT photo shoot and then hit play on my Inauguration Day yoga playlist: Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth,” Dixie Chick’s “Not Ready to Make Nice,” and A Tribe Called Quest’s “We the People.” I turned the volume up as high as it would go.

I rounded the bend toward the office and the downtown skyline looked lonely following Wednesday’s contribution by Greenpeace activists.

The day progressed and my headache intensified, so I finished with clients and grabbed an Uber home.

In a slight daze I popped a migraine pill and crawled under the covers. While the big blue pills usually kill the headache, they also cause dizziness, a throat closing feeling, and nausea. It’s best to take them in a quiet setting where you can go horizontal without looking odd (like happened to me in a cafe earlier this month—patrons appeared confused once I popped upright after lying under the table on a bench hidden from view).

A couple of hours passed and I felt more myself, so I grabbed my laptop to ease into a project and eat dinner. It was getting close to yoga time and I had high hopes of taking class before going to see Swan Lake at The Kennedy Center with a friend.

I set my laptop aside, hoping to get ready for yoga. After a few steps, I felt dizzy and lightheaded. Disappointed, I went back to bed to rest up for the swans.

I made it to Swan Lake—the sea of white tutus makes this my favorite ballet.

Breakfast was steel cut oats with apple, walnuts, pumpkin pie spice, and a stevia squirt.

Lunch was a homemade salad with spinach, walnuts, avocado, tomatoes, jalapeños, and sunflower seeds.

Dinner was Amy’s organic alphabet soup. (cheat—the alphabets are pasta)

Snack was yogurt-covered pretzels. (cheat)

Overall, I was well-behaved although I rarely stopped thinking about that cupcake from the night before. While I don’t know if sugar withdrawal, caffeine withdrawal, or some other environmental factor triggered the migraine, I do know my sugar cravings are strong. This isn’t new data for me, yet I often give into the cravings, so noticing my body’s reaction when I don’t has been telling. To be continued. How many more days is it?! Bisous. x

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