Tranquilosophy: My 10 Daily Tranquility Tips

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Each morning offers the opportunity to begin again. The new day. A fresh start.

We may wake up refreshed, content, and healthy. Surrounded by people, pets, and things we love. Excited about all we have planned.

Or we may wake up feeling pooped despite eight hours of sleep, concerned about the 15-hour day ahead, or uninspired about our to-do list.

Then I’m better prepared to handle the random curve balls life throws my way—a drunken man destroying the studio’s flower pots, a nasty response from an AirBnB host, no steel cut oats at Safeway, caught in a downpour sans umbrella, inability to walk without hobbling (due to overdancing at Garth Brooks’ two concerts last weekend). Yep, this all happened within a 24-hour stretch earlier this week.

That’s why I fill my days with the ten tips below.  I feel stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. I’m in touch with the big picture. My belly is content. Energy is steady. And I smell divine.

10 Daily Tranquility Tips

1. Sip hot water with lemon

2. Spend a few minutes in meditation

3. Move: yoga, walking, biking

4. Enjoy a green smoothie or juice plus heaps of whole foods

5. Write in my journal

6. Review my Tranquility du Jour Daybook‘s week’s intention, month’s and year’s dreams

7. Sip a pot of green Tranquility Tea

8. Layer myself in TranquiliT

9. Spritz Tranquillité parfum

10. Read inspiring texts that help me grow

What are your daily tranquility tips? x