Survey Gratitude & Giveaway Winner

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Be transported to Paris through a specialty care package.

126 of you responded to the survey and I’m so grateful—such juicy insights and kind feedback, thank you! I’ll pull together a summary shortly.

Chosen at random, the Paris care package giveaway winner is . . . Tammy Michaud-Mangune. Congrats!


Original Post. I’m over the moon to announce that this fall I’ll start working on an updated and revised version of my second book from 2010, Tranquilista: Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play, and the original cover illustrator, Anne Keenan Higgans, has designed this adorable new cover for us!

I’ll be tweaking the book based on my own experience since its release 13 years ago coupled with your ideas from the Hip Tranquil Chick Sweet 16 gathering—all with an eye toward tranquility in midlife. And, I’d LOVE your feedback!

To help revise the book in the most meaningful way, you answered a series of questions. I plan to incorporate your ideas into the book (hoping to release for the holidays) and/or a midlife micro-course (releasing in 2024).

Thanks for your support and for helping shape these projects. J’adore you, I really do! Bisous. x