TDJ Live Replay + Gratitude

love notes
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Thank you to those of you who were able to join Sunday’s Tranquility du Jour Live!

I LOVED being with you and so appreciate you tuning in from Japan, France, Canada, and across the US. It was an honor to host you and it’s such a lovely way to launch the new season with you.

These images were spotted online with #TDJLive and I love that even pups were present! If you have an image, takeaway, or next step from our experience, please share. It means a lot for me to see and hear how these events have an impact.

REPLAY: If you missed us live, the one-hour video recording is now available for $10 download HERE. A portion of all Tranquility du Jour sales benefit Pigs & Pugs Project.

SAVE THE DATE: Our next TDJ Live is Sunday, June 10. Registration will open shortly.

May you bloom brightly this spring. And beyond. Bisous. x