Tranquility Defined

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Tranquility is the quality of calm within a full and meaningful life.

Tranquility has been my quest since I created a yoga studio called Tranquil Space in my living room 23 years ago.

I’ve incorporated the word into books, programs, retreats, a clothing line, a non-profit, and a podcast. The word is never far from mind. Neither is the concept.

A few years ago I defined my version of tranquility with hopes of making it feel more accessible.

You know, not just something that you experience on a fancy yoga retreat or in a blissful meditation, but when you’re in the midst of daily life drama.

That’s how I came up with “the quality of calm within a full and meaningful life.”

I get it, your plate is probably overflowing (full) and you long to lead a life that aligns with your values (meaningful).

But how do we keep that quality of calm when the dog is barking (I’m looking at you, Gizmo), a loved one is tugging at your sleeve, and you’re on deadline?

Well, that’s the reason Tranquility du Jour exists. To offer tangible tips to find more ease in daily life and to elevate everyday experiences.

I’m so glad you’ve found your way here and I look forward to connecting at an upcoming community event.

Oh, and I’ve updated Tranquil Treasures. This free tranquility toolkit is accessible to my beloved Love Note subscribers (sign up here) with guided meditations, yoga practices, style resources, and more. So many treats for you!

Have a peek around and let me know what most resonates, what you need most right now, and how you’re finding tranquility at this time.

Wishing you the sensation of your hands wrapped around a steaming cup of jasmine tea, the taste of a rose macaron, and wafts of lavender.

Thanks for sharing this space with me. I’m so grateful!