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the moment I met Bella Grace

After an early Saturday morning matinee of Boyhood, I headed to Le Pain Quotidien for my staple quinoa scone and iced green tea.

Sipping the mint sprig-topped libation, I savored each bite of the jam-smothered scone. This process took over an hour. Knowing the long weekend offered decadent spaciousness, time was a precious gift.

Next I was off to Barnes and Noble for a few hours of getting lost within books–a favorite pastime.

First I hit the magazine section to see if a new issue of Flow had hit the shelves. Not yet. But my eyes spotted Bella Grace and I leapt toward it, clutched it to my chest, and headed upstairs to my go-to sections–self-help, business, writing.

Spontaneous Artist Dates are a true delight. Sure, I’d planned to go to the movie, but the rest unfolded with the collaboration of time, space, and desire. And it was just what the doctor ordered.

I added a few books to my magazine treasure and settled into the cafe for three hours. Taking notes, sipping more tea, and devouring word after word in various texts. Time stood still and my soul softened.

Artist Dates, the brainchild of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, are one of the weekly Tranquility Tools and a critical component of soul survival. As we traverse into this new month, new season, new day, may we find moments for spontaneity.

Frolic in fall leaves. Pack a picnic. Browse a bookstore for hours. Tote your journal to capture moments of inspiration. Tune into Monday, September 22’s 3pm ET complimentary Tranquilosophy Seasonal Podcast.  

Make space for an Artist Date. Your inner artist deserves it. Bisous. x