tranquilosophy: blooms

love notes
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snapped en route to the studio 
do you feel the seasonal shift? it’s a delight to spot pink blooms on so many trees and to feel sunshine on my skin again. 
between a matinee and appointment last weekend, i had a found free hour. passing through dupont circle, i parked my pink bike to savor an hour outside reading and wondering why i didn’t do that more often.
 reading a book on memoir in dupont circle

we move at such a clip pace that taking an hour to read, write in a journal, or sip a cuppa tea can feel impossible, almost negligent. i mean there is laundry to do, groceries to buy, and bills to pay.
yet it’s these very moments we’ll remember. and the ones that nurture our souls.
as you find yourself pushing through life at breakneck speed today, notice what happens if you close your eyes and take five deep breaths. or step outside and savor lunch and a latte on a park bench. or spend time in your garden toiling the soil. or take a moment to think about what your heart wants to bring forth this spring.
there is lots of garden tending to be done right now. literally and figuratively. watch what is ready to bloom after a season or two resting below the surface. 
listen. tune in. watch the sprouts appear. i’m patiently doing the same. bisous. x