tranquilosophy: leave a legacy

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puffy purple flowers snapped en route to school today

“i’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”- maya angelou
in yesterday’s grief therapy session, my counselor asked what gramma’s legacy was for me and what i’d like to thank her for. i loved this question and thought it was worth sharing with you, too. we all face challenging changes and ending of relationships through various forms – break ups, moves, death, sickness and this question allows us to bask in the beauty of what once was.
yesterday’s weather was so beautiful that my counselor asked if i’d like to sit outside in the hospice garden for our session. it was the perfect representation of gramma’s legacy. she loved sitting in the sunshine (oui, while covered head to toe in texas heat – lordie!) and was an impressive gardener.
i came up with the following things and know there are many more to ponder:
her witty sense of humor
her amazing smile – everyone commented on it
her description of something as “interesting” when she didn’t really like it
last may’s asking if i still had my “consort” (aka le beau)
her shaking of the head when she didn’t understand or like something, but didn’t want to say it
her love of simple pleasures
her homemaking skills
her love of flair (accessories galore)
her appreciation for “special spanish sandwiches” (aka tacos)
 her great appreciation for chocolate
her thriftyness
her passion for letter writing
her sense of adventure and love for travel
her effervescent positive attitude
her religious naps
when life brings us transitions – whether we like them or not – it may be helpful to ponder what we learned from the relationship and what that person’s legacy will be in our life. i hope you, too, can take a moment to ponder a person’s recent departure from your life and how you’ll carry on a positive piece of the relationship. 
reflecting with you. bisous. x