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bonjour readers + bonjour thursday.

after basking in the inspiration of last weekend’s world domination summit, my week in portland has been heavily focused on bringing tranquilologie to life while also savoring tea and green juice as often as possible. below is a sneak peek at the super cute layout which will include full color and oodles of pink {duh!}.

if all goes as planned, the next episode of tranquility du jour podcast will release later today featuring all of our takeaways from the weekend. you’ll note in my top photo a little notebook that is chock-full of the summit’s notes so moi and le beau will be summarizing it later today.

last year’s post after the summit highlighted my struggle in the midst of much transition. although i was in a state of standstill focused on getting through my final year of graduate school and pondering “what’s next?,” i seemed to have a glimmer of insight into what would come. the study of mindfulness. the slowing down. the focus on writing. the reminder of being enough.

the irony is that yesterday i penned my list of exciting projects-in-progress while sipping jasmine tea. i needed to get them all out and onto a project list versus swirling in my head. and here they are:

  • tranquility tour: two months of spreading tranquility across north america in our vintage RV
  • tranquilologie: limited edition hardcover full color book filled with inspiration
  • tranquil space: beautification and community deepening
  • tranquillité parfum: shared my creation in paris and considering more products from this scent
  • daybook 2.0: enhancing based on new ideas and your feedback for a november release
  • tranquility du jour anthology: packaging favorite blog posts with own photograhy
  • LGSW: studying for social work licensing exam
  • TranquiliT fall collection: maxi, sheath dress, new yummy stretch fleece, prints + more
  • tranquil space foundation: programming + mission shifts
  • year of tranquility: an in-person and online program to deepen our connection to living tranquilly

what a difference a year makes! sometimes we simply need to sit tight, work with our obligations, and know that creativity is percolating beneath the surface. it’s a matter of trust. and a bit of work.

and so i ask you again, dear reader, how will you live a remarkable life in a conventional world? bisous. x