tranquilosophy: permission

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As I sit at my new desk set-up surrounded by creative tools, a space heater to warm my toes, and a thermos of green tea to warm my spirit, I’m drawn to write.

Although your inbox is undoubtedly overflowing, my hope is that you, too, could use a virtual hug.

The holidays are around the corner and this time of the year stirs up varied emotions in everyone–many being not-so-tranquil.

If you’re beginning to feel a sense of overwhelm, I encourage you to explore what, if anything, can be altered or removed altogether.

For example, are handmade holiday cards a must? Is it necessary to respond “yes!” to every holiday party invite? Could you pick up a pie from Whole Foods versus baking one from scratch?

While I’m not at all encouraging you to skip something you love, I AM encouraging you to give yourself a break. We can be our toughest critics.

Step back from the hubbub to explore how YOU want the holidays to feel. Yes, feel. Our feelings can be our biggest teachers.

Wishing you moments of deep love, spaciousness, and floral perfume. Bisous. x