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Week 42: Productivity

Wondering how to conquer your never-ending to-do list or avoid the head spinning that comes with putting out fire after fire?

When asked how I juggle various projects, I give full credit to writing everything down—getting it out of my head and onto paper. Yes, everything. With a gold pen.

I carry my Daybook, an ideas book, and, occasionally, a journal. In order to be productive, I must stay mindful and organized.

One helpful tool is clarifying weekly, and sometimes daily, MITs (most important tasks). Noting what must be accomplished that day/week helps put the rest of the to-dos in perspective.

Yes, laundry needs to be done, but not before the document due is reviewed.

Also, break projects into smaller tasks, so instead of “launch fall collection,” try “choose colors and order lab dips.” This lessens overwhelm and breaks big chunks into bite-sized pieces.

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