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Week 44: Self-Care

It’s 9pm when I walk through the door. I greet my loved ones, open the refrigerator and reach for a cold-pressed green juice, pour crystallized lemon into my K Anthropologie mug, top it with boiling water, and then head to the bath for a long soak. This is an ideal evening of good self-care.

An example of the opposite is coming home after a long day and heading straight to my desk, popping open my laptop and continuing to work on additional projects—clothing line, studio, writing and, the ultimate drain, email.

When my clients express frustration with emotional regulation and reactivity, the first thing I ask is about their self-care. Often I’ll hear a sigh and notice a shift in their posture.

Yes, sleep has been inadequate lately. Yes, they’ve been eating poorly. Yes, their yoga classes have been skipped. Yes, there’s a sense of overwhelm with little relief in sight.

And, yes, self-care has been placed on the back burner, they confess. Who has time for that? Does this sound or feel familiar?

We often treat self-care as a cherry on top—something that can be done when all the other to-dos have been checked. Read the rest of this piece by signing up for Love Notes.

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