Tranquilosophy: Soak in the Tub

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Week 37: Soak in the Tub

After a full day shuffling from clients to meetings to class, nothing heals like a soak in the tub. It’s a full body and soul balm.

Immersing in water provides mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. When my body aches, my mind is tired, or my heart feels heavy, to the bath I go. And, honestly, many moments in between.

If it’s frigid outside, the only way to warm my bones is a hot bath. As temperatures continue to drop in Washington, DC, a nightly soak will become my norm. Bring it on, fall!

Many, many years ago (4500 BC) baths were touted as a cure for mental illness. While we no longer give bathing that degree of power, I have found that water does provide healing—it soothes, comforts, and nurtures.

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