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Week 10 of 52 Weeks of Tranquility

After a struggle-filled start to Saturday {complete with trying to pay an online bill and locking myself out of the system while Le Pug “burfed” at me repeatedly wanting something I was unable to decipher}, I hopped in an Uber at a 2.3X surcharge snow rate {ugh!} and headed to meet a friend for brunch.

By the time I arrived I was teary, frustrated with myself, and wanted to crawl back into bed to curl up in the fetal position.

After a cuppa jasmine tea, a few tears, and exchanged niceties with my friend, I felt my body softening and shifted into anticipation of a workshop we’d been looking forward to for three months: calligraphy with Michele of Meant to Be.

The first few exercises were basic guideline drawings followed by line drawings. I felt my frustration returning. I wasn’t a natural. Then we turned to squiggle letters like u and n, followed by an o meets and triangle.

Again, frustration and tears were building. It was me returning to 7th grade class {I still recall the desk’s placement in the room 30 years later} trying to comprehend algebra and hearing my teacher say, “Wah wah wah” over and over again.

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