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I’m noshing on cubes of baked sweet potato topped with rosemary and sipping tea this chilly Saturday evening. Next stop, volunteer shift at Hospice.

Before I dash I wanted to share a peek into the week—loved brunch and Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington performance with a girlfriend, hosted the Tranquil Space team holiday fête at The Darlington House, chose generous beta readers for the 52 Weeks of Tranquility Journal, zoomed around town on my bike, took yoga classes, interviewed management candidates, met with clients at The Women’s Center, saw Jesse Marchant perform at DC9, enjoyed six new teacher auditions, introduced Mookie to Santa {he’s a believer}, and had tea with a girlfriend while chatting creativity.

Wishing each of you a beautiful, beautiful weekend. May the spirit of the season ignite a spark within. Pay deep attention to what’s brewing as we softly transition to a new season {hello winter} and a brand new year {hello 2016}. Bisous. x

A Peek into the Week

  1. Gold accessories
  2. Post-Tranquil Space team holiday party
  3. Me + Tim at the holiday party
  4. Our team
  5. Family photo
  6. Our sweet boy
  7. Sparking vino at concert

Savvy Sources

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Weekend Wish List

Serve at Hospice
Savor teacher auditions
Productive meetings
Eat coconut cake
Wrap packages

Et toi? What’s on your weekend wish list? May it be merry! x