week in review

love notes
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pink blossom bliss
polka dot flair
le pug caught in my bag

 plant-based fridge for retreaters

 creative play tools for retreaters

 tea station for retreaters

week in review
taught 4 classes
took 1 barre + 2 yoga classes
camped near the beach
hosted an event for studio members
calls and webinar with jeffrey davis of tracking wonder
interviewed jennifer of the mindfulness diaries
submitted memoir homework
savored green juices
strategic planning session
soaked in the tub
shipped daybooks + tranquilologie
began reading dani shapiro’s memoir devotion
spent time with my journal
secured spot in dani shapiro’s taos workshop {was on waitlist + GOT IN!}
secured petite paris apartment overlooking a garden
meeting with social work supervisor
released podcast on thrifting + making things
shopping for retreaters
curriculum prep for retreaters
set up space for retreaters
hosted women’s group
walks with le pug
sent love note
weekend wish list
host inspiring art + yoga retreat
bask in self-care upon completion
write memoir homework
finish devotion

et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x