week in review

love notes
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scenes from the week
week in review
prep items + shoot list for spring photo shoot run by lovely julia coney + shot by patrick onofre
prep for shipping + ship TranquiliT items
pack for oklahoma
2800 mile drive to and from oklahoma (le beau drove, i slept)
vintage shopping at a beautiful messred velvet in springfield, mo
lots of mourning (feel like i’ve been through a surgery and can’t quite acclimate)
tied bows around gramma’s memorial program (lower right corner)
gramma’s memorial 
hosted 2nd week of creativity circle
accepted internship at amtrak’s employee assistance program = yay!
laundry galore
lots of sleeping
penned pieces of march tranquilologie (launching on 3/4)
prep for interview of vegucated director marisa 
2 MSW classes
research on hospice support groups in dc (know any?)
cuddles with furry friends
extreme gratitude for le beau during this time
opened lots of thoughtful condolences from friends (merci x 100)
announced march online book club choice: real happiness by sharon salzberg
updated various facebook pages with new look: TranquiliT, tranquil space + tranquility du jour
penned thank you notes
weekend wishlist
fun hosting of vegucated tonight at tranquil space
safe travels to + from new york on saturday for blogging workshop
completion + sharing of march’s tranquilologie (includes NEW monthly checklist)
rest, rest, rest
chat with hospice
 productive pigs board call
et toi? what’s on your weekend wishlist? 
bisous. x