week in review

love notes
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 stella, my poolside companion (note pink hair bow = swoon)
 pink tights peeking out of mexican blouse on mosaic stairs to studio
grapefruit slice on hibiscus bubbly libation
week in review
flew to texas
flew to dc
 flew to mexico
read heaps of the power of kindness
spent 24+ hours in art studio (6 more to go today)
group journey to town for gift shopping + libations (see above)
group journey to office max for 80s glam sharpies, pastel square index cards + more
read parts of various books on kindle
savored heaps of yummy salsa, beans + corn torillas
did lots of yoga in my room
posted piece on simplifying
secured monday subs + made a travel switch to return to texas
shed lots of tears over gramma’s condition
had trouble sleeping 
 lots of processing, writing, reflecting
daily check-ins with studio, clothing line, and foundation needs back home
loved laughing with roomie from oklahoma (what are the chances?)
enjoyed nightly facetime chats with le beau
lots of idea generation
penned piece for tranquil space lifestyle e-course launching february 1
weekend wishlist
more gramma cuddles
safe journey back to texas
8-year anniversary celebration with le beau + louis the pug
family time
tranquilologie writing
et toi? what’s on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x