week in review

love notes
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 week in review
tranquil space foundation 5th annual celebration
hosted yoga + creativity workshop at yoga tree
vintage shopping on haight street
chose 10 winners for goody bag giveaway
tranquility du jour tv studio tour with miranda
had random dream about don johnson = odd
 late night trip to le beau’s cabin for weekend art + yoga retreat
hair highlights
hours o’ bed time in hopes of beating this bug
travel to and fro san francisco
organizational theory mid-term
fall TranquiliT now online = yipee!
manager meetings
dinner date with beautiful heather pierce
goody bags, agendas + set up for weekend’s retreat
artist date with britt, jennifer + lisa in oakland
won fabulous online auction items for tranquil space foundation
shot photos of new teacher
purchased adele album – why did i wait so long? 
bits of yoga sprinkled throughout, no classes due to lethargy = sigh
popped lots of ibuprofen
purchased strategic action for animals by melanie joy
set up podcast with melanie joy
penned manager report 
succumbed to the power of sour skittles
picked through items from chariTea swap shop for n street village w/ sara 
5.5 hours MSW
watched last week’s rachel zoe project
day o’ studying for intense mid-term
came up with halloween costume = courtney love (le beau is kurt cobain)
1 gym jaunt
penned post on returning to dance
fell more in love with images at pinterest
weekend wishlist
host inspiring art + yoga retreat for lovely ladies
spend time by the fire
facilitate relaxation
post podcast with gail mcmeekin
send photos + mercis to san francisco workshop lovelies
et toi? what’s on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x
sir louis hearts fall foliage