week in review

love notes
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friday night packing party
studio’s festive decor
jackson warming by the bedroom electric fire
studio directors’ holiday brunch
stamp carving date with sara

december dreams
home practice thwarted
week in review
taught 4 yoga classes
took 2 yoga classes
co-taught 3.5-hour teacher training session
part-time therapy work at the women’s center
savored a bed day with book, pets + le beau
stamp carving play date with sara
sent love note to subscribers
sent invite to online daybook playshop to pre-orders
ordered spring TranquiliT swatches
shipped heaps of daybooks, ephemera packets + anthologies
hosted a mentoring session
had a nutrition consulting session
recorded daybook video
daylong social work workshop
hosted director’s holiday brunch
savored many green smoothies
date night with le beau + friend
tea date with le beau + friend
launched writing in the woods spring retreat
wax appointment
weekend wish list
savor sharon + sylvia mindfulness daylong
host fun team holiday party at elizabeths gone raw
host inspiring mentoring session
gym jaunt
hair cut + color
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x