week in review

love notes
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airplane reading
garth brooks concert get up
le pug’s 10th birthday
tranquil space’s 15th
more 15th love
and more {with le beau, pic by marie maroun}
special gift package with anthology pre-orders

sneak peek at tranquility du jour daybook draft cover

week in review
flew to and from jacksonville for garth brooks concert
celebrated le pug’s 10th birthday with party hats, doggie cake + bubbly
hosted friends for le pug’s event
took two mindfulness-based stress reduction workshops
taught 1.5 hours of advanced teacher training
saw clients at the women’s center
enjoyed working by the fire
read show your work
savored wine + olives at the airport wine bar
interviewed tara mohr for monday’s podcast
mentoring session
meeting with social work supervisor
anthology edits and photo updates
hair cut + color
taught 4 yoga classes
took 3 yoga classes
1 gym jaunt
sent love note to newsletter subscribers
invited teachers + managers to showing of awake: the life of yogananda
solidified daybook cover with designer
15-year fete set up
rewrote anthology epilogue
shipped online sales
penned and gave speech at 15-year fete
spent most of saturday in bed recalibrating
sipped many green juices
had date night with le beau
got hair did for 15-year fete
biked 8 miles
weekend wish list
savor artist date the little dancer at the kennedy center tonight
pack for 5-day writer’s retreat at mohonk mountain house
et toi? what’s on your sunday night wish list?
bisous. x