Week in Review

love notes
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Week in Review

Taught 3 yoga classes
Taught 1 yoga workshop to 400 college students
Taught 1 business workshop
Taught 1 mindfulness workshop
Took 1 yoga class
Survived 1 barre class
Received the sweetest care package
Featured on bonjour b blog
Call with graphic designer
Efforts with home refinance
Penned love note and Week 8 of 52 Weeks of Tranquility
Worked with 15 beautiful clients at the Women’s Center
Penned and mailed snail mail thank yous
Wrapped, packaged, + shipped sparkly tees around the globe {thanks for your support}
Watched darling Daybook feature on Jane Hinchliffe’s Creativity Art Circle
Editing efforts on Tranquilologie softcover
Review of TranquiliT spring samples
Met with photographer to discuss spring shoot
Finalized spring shoot details
Savored weekend brunch dates with Le Beau {note sugar powder-covered waffle pic}
Procured new gold tote and stuffed Le Pug inside {see pic above}
Interviewed and released podcast with Lesley Ware
Call with social work supervisor
Sent Tranquil Space Foundation updates to team

Weekend Wish List

Productive Director’s meeting
Safe travels to New York
Time with Le Beau’s family
Savor THIRD Garth Brooks concert in Buffalo {I have a problem}
Learn lots at calligraphy workshop
Savor tea date with girlfriend
Soften into grief yoga workshop

Et toi? What’s on your weekend wish list? Bisous. x