Week in Review

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Week in Review

Hosted a 2-hr Writing Lab
Coordinated 10 charity classes to raise funds for Nepal {benefiting Humane Society International and charity:water}
Studio Directors’ Meeting
Traveled to and from WV
Endured first trip to Le Beau’s cabin sans Le Pug
Went on first hike in the woods without Le Pug in tow
Saw an Eastern Box turtle during hike {love turtles}
Finished You Should Really Write a Book
Ongoing review and edits of new TranquiliT website {launching soon}
Worked with 14 beautiful clients at The Women’s Center
Consumed daily green juices/smoothies and flaky croissants
Decorated cabin for this weekend’s Yoga + Creativity retreat
Received above pic of moi circa 1975 and smiled
Penned Week 17 of 52 Weeks of Tranquility
Sent survey requesting feedback {please share by noon ET
Taught 1 yoga class
Biked 9 miles
Received email from friend whose son asked if Louis was going to come back down from the sky {also asking if he could take a helicopter}
Penned muse for Tranquil Space May newsletter
Corresponded with agent
Soaked in the tub
Planted Le Pug’s memorial garden
Penned in my journal
Home yoga + meditation practice
Met with therapist
Released podcast: Women Entrepreneur Revolution
Shared tools for grief
Shared Things I Love: Pom Poms
Grocery and supply shopping for weekend retreat
Uploaded Tranquilologie softcover for purchase via Amazon
Ordered Tranquilologie softcovers for studios
Coordinated NYC getaway for Mother’s Day weekend
Signed up for two hospice volunteer shifts
Savored latest issue of Flow magazine

Weekend Wish List

Assemble guests’ goodie bags
Decorate guests’ cabin
Add pink pom pom decor to Le Beau’s cabin
Host inspiring Yoga + Creativity retreat
Announce 10 survey response winners {Tranquilologie PDFs}

Et toi? What’s on your weekend wish list? Bisous. x