Week in Review

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Week in Review

Traveled to and from upstate New York
Was all smiles at the Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down {highlight of my year!}
Time with Tim’s family
Got tickets for the Farm Sanctuary Gala
Ordered chosen perfume bottles
Penned Week 33: Walk
Recorded and released Podcast #345: Meet Mookie
Bought Mookie a Thunder Shirt and homeopathic drops
Taught Mindfulness class
Took 2 yoga classes
Biked 6 miles
Rehabilitating Pilates session
Dinner with girlfriend
Shipped a care package
Interviewed LeeAnn Casey on restorative yoga
Finalized perfume labels with designer
Worked with designer on new projects
Directors’ meeting
3 Days with clients at The Women’s Center
Updated New Reader page
Took Mookie to trial day at daycare
Got a ticket for biking  through an intersection when it wasn’t my turn
Comforted myself with donuts
Set up Tranquil Treasures page complete with yoga practices, meditation, manifestos, and more {Password going out in Monday’s Love Note, so be sure you’re subscribed}

Savvy Sources

{This newly added section will feature curated inspiring finds}

Create a Found Words Art Journal
She Sheds, who knew?!
The Disease of Being Busy
Phenomenal piece on Susie from Farm Sanctuary
DIY Gold Leaf Necklace

Weekend Wish List

Productive meetings
Fun brunch with girlfriend
Host inspiring Writing Lab
Volunteer at Hospice
Time with writing group
Date night with Tim and Mookie

Et toi? What’s on your Weekend Wish List? Bisous. x