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Week in Review

After a morning of yoga teacher auditions, Tim and I will pack up the pups and head to the hills of West Virginia to work, rest, and eat at our favorite veg-and-dog-friendly establishment.

This week was an interesting one that included a late night two-hour emergency vet visit where we were immediately quarantined and visited by a vet tech in a hazmat suit plus me being pulled into the bowels of an MRI machine.  Sweet Belle had acquired a bout of pneumonia during last week’s surgery, but her antibiotics seem to have worked their wonders.

I got a brain MRI with hopes of sorting out an influx of migraines. During the procedure I continued repeating the mantra “let go” with each breath. Inhale “let,” exhale “go” as the tech placed a head support over me and slid my body into the circular metal object with a hole cut out and the “ceiling” directly above my nose. At least he swaddled me in a blanket, and gifted me earplugs and beige booties with grippers. The torture was over in 30 minutes, I biked home and collapsed into bed.

Despite these oddities, the week was filled with joys and regularity: collaborating with therapy clients, announcing the Hip Tranquil Chick 10-year survey winners, teaching mindfulness in a corporate setting and at the studio, working on Daybook 5.0 design, releasing a podcast, recording another doga video, practicing yoga, mentoring a new author, hosting a two-hour Writing Lab workshop, and prepping plus overseeing the fall TranquiliT photo shoot.

One prompt I offered in Writing Lab was to write about the week starting with Monday morning. Some got through Monday morning 7:45am, while others finished the prompt with time to spare. There are so many moments, conversations, expressions, and sensory details that make up our week and it’s easy to miss them when doing broad brushstrokes. Review your week. What stands out? Capture it in writing, in your art journal, or any other medium that resonates.

As Annie Dillard says, “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” Bisous. x

Pics in Review

  1. Sunday morning sidewalk cafe moment
  2. Pug sidewalk chalking spotted on U street
  3. Added flair to Belle’s surgery body sock
  4. Dupont farmers’ market finds
  5. Fall TranquiliT shoot: 2in1 crop top with pencil skirt + Mercy for Animals tee
  6. Fall TranquiliT shoot: 2in1 crop top with gaucho + fleece infinity cowl

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Weekend Wish List

Read in a hammock
WriteSlow down in the woods of West Virginia
Nosh at my favorite veg dog-friendly eatery, Mellow Moods
Safe travels to and from West Virginia