week in review

love notes
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 jackson cezanne early awaiting my lush-filled bath tub
 saturday’s urban retreat
 rosebud tea time
 tuesday is ballet day
my loves
 prep for shooting video for 24 days o’ tranquility e-course
week in review
second week of hosting 24 days o’ tranquility e-course
took 2 barre classes, 1 ballet class, 3 yoga classes
taught 3 yoga classes
hosted tranquil space foundation strategic planning session
tranquil space strategic planning session
teacher meeting
mani pedi
sipped 1-2 daily green juices
hosted 3-hour urban retreat 
heaps of furry friend cuddles
fell more in love with esther the pig
lunch with girlfriend
 bus to and from nyc for 11 hours in the big apple
first of 10 memoir writing classes in nyc
penned pieces for two blogs
recorded audio and video for 24 days o’ tranquility e-course
downloaded brene brown’s the gift of imperfection on audible and loving it
penned essays for 24 days o’ tranquility e-course
shipped books, CDs, and daybooks
soaked in the tub tons
showcased things i love
daily green tea sipping
hosted a mentoring session
saw the past with a friend
weekend wish list
pen strategic planning wrap-ups for teams
release podcast
safe journey to rochester and back
say goodbye to le beau’s grandma who passed away this week
time with le beau’s family
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x