week in review

love notes
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 penning thank you’s in the sunshine
 savoring a chamomile, spearmint, rose bud blend
 bea, connor, and le beau on thanksgiving
 rocking the pug sling
 come to mama, pumpkin pie
 le beau rocking the sling with his morning cup of joe
oh how i love this film
week in review
hosted 3-hr yoga + writing workshop
hosted 3-hr mindfulness: tranquility within workshop
taught relaxation at teacher’s practice
taught 5 yoga classes {2 for charity}
took 2 yoga classes
rejoined mint gym to get moi some cardio {kicking + screaming}
tea date with girlfriend
lunch date with former amtrak colleagues
penned many thank you’s 
released tranquility du jour podcast #299 featuring lara blair
starts of home decluttering
welcomed tranquil space yogis on thanksgiving {ommm}
introduced you to two new adoptees
watched eye candy titled marie antoinette 
daily doses of yummy tea
many bath soaks
two all-day fires
new darling tee design with tranquilologie to-dos {stay tuned}
savored a yummy veggie thanksgiving with le beau + le pug
weekend wish list
the great beauty movie date with girlfriend
the armstrong lie movie date with le beau
closet + nook home decluttering
tub soaks galore
le pug cuddles
art journaling
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x