week in review

love notes
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 tea time in montreal with coffee drinkers
 miss lillie heading to a jersey “spa”
 miss lillie at my fave restaurant {no judgment}
 montreal pop-up playtime
 loved this sweet sign + kitty
 le beau + lillie en route to montreal
beautiful chalk work by friends at luna yoga
 gorg girls from montreal pop-up 
{sans sweet isabelle who was on train back to ottawa}
tranquility art by jules dolly
 our tranquility tour route with pigs + hearts
week in review
hosted a tranquility pop-up in philly + brooklyn + montreal
sent a love note with a tranquilologie giveaway to museletter subscribers
took miss lillie to get new ac compressor, belt + pullies
penned + mailed heaps of thank you notes
drove from jersey to montreal
shared wednesday well-being + pics from 50th anniversary fete
revealed fall online book club pic {bonjour happiness}
shared a peek at tranquility tour week un
shared more pics from tranquility tour kickoff 
playtime with friends jenn, jason, and levi in montreal
shipped tranquilologie love from the road
lots of yummy veggie dining in montreal
weekend wish list
safe travels back to new york
prep for farm sanctuary event  
quality time with le beau’s family
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x