week in review

love notes
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 baking gluten-free scones
 baking pal kimberly creating macarons
 and the table is set
 our macarons
 teachers’ tea chat time
 knee + shoulder xrays at ortho
 doctor’s office signature style
sweet louis
a handmade chariTea bag spotted on instagram
a vintage TranquiliT tee spotted on julia’s instagram
week in review
 six hours of baking for teachers’ tea
final days with beloved bonnard
saying goodbye to sweet bonnard
lots of grieving
vegan brunch with girlfriend
play with tranquil space pals
dinner with tranquil space pals
many hot baths
one yummy massage
tea date with girlfriend
candlelight tribute to bonnard
conducted 4 podcast interviews: tara cox, rachael rice, luna jaffe, melinda parkhurst
taught 2 yoga classes
took 2 yoga classes
date with ortho to have knees and shoulder reviewed {back to physical therapy i go}
more final edits of tranquilologie, back to printer
tranquility tour postcards to printer
announced paris 2014 retreat {8 spots left}
penned and mailed many thank yous 
lunch with studio director
ongoing search for harlem apartment on air bnb for vegan academy
 chat with fellow social worker re: her path
interviewed by om on yoga for their new podcast
weekend wish list
host inspiring yoga + writing workshop
teach and take yoga
fun mixed media art date with friends
host inspiring mindfulness workshop
release new podcast
host two more informative podcast interviews
secure harlem apartment for august 20-25
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x