week in review

love notes
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 fabric bunting made from TranquiliT scraps by fab seamstress hanging at dupont studio
my sweet pink ride
 le pug with handmade fabric garland made by mama wilson
 solo date night at teaism with book, tea + veggie stir fry
 collage made in workshop
 my third grade take on cherry blossoms
 my passion for pink in watercolor form
le pug + his le teddy looking handsome
sparkly pig ring (courtesy of kirsten)
week in review
taught 2 yoga classes
took 3 yoga classes
1 gym jaunt
took 1 barre fusion class (ouch! think i’m broken)
commuted 14 miles on sweet pink ride (see pic above)
director’s meeting
16 hours internship
art therapy workshop at psychotherapy syposium
mindfulness + technology workshop at psychotherapy symposium
heaps of new resources to paris retreaters
3-hour mindfulness workshop
dinner + krishna das concert with girlfriend
tranquil space foundation generosity meeting
le pug to vet for annual check up
teaism with girlfriend
solo date night at teaism
meditation class
consumed lots of green juice
recorded vintage clothing video for museum 
penned pieces for mindfulness: tranquility within e-course
shared resources + spring retreat promo (3 spots left!)
wine + apps with girlfriend
penned + mailed a pile of merci beaucoups
researched perfect paris apartment for upcoming trip
received snail mail sweetest goody bag from kirsten
project + travel planning with le beau
love to tranquility project e-course ladies
 purchased more ballet tickets
reread lots of a writer’s paris
purchased 5 keys to mindful communication for internship project

weekend wish list
au revoir celebration for 5-year team member
learn heaps in daylong tara brach workshop at psychotherapy symposium
learn about coaching within therapy at psychotherapy symposium
yoga with amy weintraub at pyschotherapy symposium
savor cinderella ballet at kennedy center with le beau
art journaling
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x