week in review

love notes
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two favorite finds this week: pink hyacinths + mindful mag
random ensemble: clogs, skull + crossbone striped socks, 2in1 slip dress

 grumpy kitty sitting on manuscript i’m trying to edit

 fave quote found in new mindful magazine
“the simple act of being present has the power to change everything”

profile for vine (have yet to upload a 6-second video, tried 2 and both crashed)

 beautiful buddha + pink hyacinths

week in review
1 meditation class
rode bike 6 miles
created a vine account
taught 2 yoga classes
beloved pink bike was stolen (sigh)
took upcycling class
took writing interesting class
took crowdfunding class
1 MSW class
gifted 3 colleagues with a copy of grieving mindfully to help cope with recent losses
4 days at social work internship
tony bennett concert with le beau (swoon)
tea date with girlfriend
battled a painful bout of costochondritis (boo)
1 gym jaunt
savored green juices (yay) . . . and a honey bun (sigh)
dreamed up tranquility travel tour (stay tuned for deets)
bought mindfulness for dummies; mindful yoga, mindful life + mindful mag
found this super cute DIY tea bag how-to
shared 4 fun tranquility pics spotted on instagram this week
picked up pretty pink hyacinths
enjoyed a yoga philosophy workshop on hatha yoga pradipika
announced new e-course “mindfulness: everyday tranquility“(releases 3.31)
shared DIY daybook love + shipped daybooks (only 4 copies left) 
shared favorite quote for mindful monday
weekend wishlist
 learn heaps at tara brach daylong
pen february dreams
release inspiring podcast with laura vanderkam
submit paper for employee assistance program certificate class
 tranquilologie editing
meditation class
yoga class
gym jaunt
et toi? what’s on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x