week in review

love notes
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bonnard hiding behind boots waiting for cardiologist
artsy shot
louis + teddy = bffs
bonnard has finally taken to le beau (9 years later)
the man of my dreams
all smiles fireside at tranquil space
napping in front of fire with bonnard snuggles
week in review
20 hours at internship
took 4 yoga classes
taught 2 yoga classes
1 gym jaunt
biked 12 miles
mindfulness session with teacher
2-hour mindfulness class
hosted 1 mentoring session
hosted gathering chez moi
sipped heaps of green tea
stuffed heaps of ephemera packets
stalked printer re: daybook delivery
kitty to cardiologist
made kitty appointment with internist 
meeting with bookkeeper
slept heaps = oh so tired
lots of hot baths
edited studio schedules
podcast interview
saw amazing ad on metro bus by humane society of us for pigs
ordered 4 new books with gift card from santa: embroidery pour la maision, 
burdastyle sewing vintage modern, creative thursday, and blog inc.
signed up for an 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction course
signed up a for tara brach daylong
signed up for a jonathan foust daylong
chat with teacher manager re: next meeting
 weekend wish list
 matinee with girlfriend + le beau
108 sun salutes for charity
date night with le beau
yoga class
read fireside
release inspiring podcast
host private yoga session
host mentoring session
call with pops 
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x