week in review

love notes
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 week in review
took iphoneography class + snapped pics above
biked downtown twice
watched two indie films: the imposter + celeste and jesse forever
20 hours at amtrak internship
4 hours MSW classes
taught 2 yoga classes
savored yoga workshop
2 gym jaunts
organized creativity space chez moi
finalized fall TranquiliT samples
survived burglary + penned tranquilosophy
filed insurance claim + police report
swept up heaps of glass
soaks in the tub
penned thoughts + processed in journal
2 tea dates with girlfriends
prep for TranquiliT fall photo shoot
signed up le beau for walk for farm animals
volunteered to assist vegan outreach at dc veg fest
set up second podcast with tammy strobel 
weekend wish list
co-teach inspiration at tranquil space arlington 5-year anniversary celebration
celebrate le beau’s birthday
share sneak peek pics from today’s TranquiliT fall shoot
evening festivities to honor an upcoming bride
farmers market + brunch with le beau
learn tons at hello craft summit 
art journal

et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list? 
bisous. x