week in review

love notes
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week in review
 taught 2 yoga classes
took 4 yoga classes
4-hour bus ride to and from nyc
hand stamped jewelry class in nyc
penned + mailed heaps of birthday thank yous
wrapped + shared heaps of france love gifts
shipped france care packages to early bird registrants
shipped TranquiliT online orders
updates to accountability pal, britt bravo
long philosophical chats with le beau
chez moi organizing
posted seasonal summer podcast for download
packed + shopped for tranquility summer camp
prepped goodies for campers
decorated le beau’s cabin for tranquility summer camp
mentoring session
finally transitioned to east coast time wednesday night
coordination of tranquil space + TranquiliT promo materials
learned lots at watercolor class by mary catherine starr
set up living your yoga series in september at tranquil space
signed up for an iphoneography class
penned outline for august tranquilologie
read lots of eat to live
weekend wish list
learn to hand knot malas with carol myers
 host inspiring tranquility summer camp
post embroidery podcast featuring diana rupp, author of embroider everything workshop
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list? 
bisous. x