week in review: au revoir comp exams

love notes
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week in review
sewing lounge date with client
1 gym jaunt
taught 1 meditation class
slept 14 hours one night
oodles of soaks in the tub
manager meetings
heard ashley judd speak about activism
3 MSW classes
1 day of internship
ate 12 oreos = bliss followed by belly ache
many hours of studying
met with study group
oodles of TranquiliT shipping
took 3.5 hour comps exam + emerged 10 lbs lighter
shared video on fave books of the moment
weekly (so fun to write) things i love post
signature style study break post
returned to fave vintage store venus on the half shell in frederick
celebrated comps finale black bean burger topped w/ sweet potatoe fries + riesling (top photo)
followed by yummy banana split (bottom photo)
rewarded self for finishing comps with these AMAZING boots
penned + mailed thank you notes
weekend wishes
volunteer at pig sanctuary
art journaling
strategic planning meeting with le beau
pen description for paris + provence retreat
read, read, read for pleasure
write paper for transpersonal theory class
et toi? what’s on your weekend wishlist? 
may i suggest a banana split topped with sprinkles? it’s good for the soul. x