Week in Review {Pics + Links}

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This week I received the sweetest notes about the Daybook:

“Your Daybook is sensational–I can barely wait for 2016 so I can use it. The cover is amazing and it is such a quality creative masterpiece! I know my friend will love it too!” — Gail

“I walked my two dogs to the mailbox today (.25 miles from our house) and I could not get home fast enough once I saw that your Daybook had arrived. It definitely curbed their sniff and stretch time and got this 47-year-old to speed walk. I made a cup of tea and then came right to my art room and have been moving into the Daybook ever since. Dinner may not get made… Sorry dear fam, but my soul, stamps and markers are surely being fed right now.”–Kristin

“What is this magic of a planner?! I’m in love with it. Another triumph, Kimberly. I’m officially a convert.”– Missy

“I surprised the postman when I swung the front door open and broke out in a HUGE smile when I saw the package!! Kimberly Wilson, it is really beautiful!” –Sam

Your purchase helps support a petite female-owned business, a veteran-owned firm who prints in America, a graphic designer, an entire barnyard of rescue animals at Farm Sanctuary, and the planting of 500 trees in Indonesia. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In addition to shipping Daybooks and working on the upcoming e-course {releases 11/30}, I interviewed three lovely ladies for upcoming podcasts, saw multiple clients at The Women’s Center, hosted a two-hour corporate mini-retreat, mourned Paris, volunteered at Hospice, heard Cheryl Strayed speak {takeaways in Monday’s Love Note}, watched two great movies {listed below in Savvy Sources}, spent time on the yoga mat, met with my writing teacher and had  “aha”s, and procured tickets to two Garth Brooks’ Baltimore shows {Oklahoma boy!}.

In between coloring Saturday night, I also found a sweet 25-acre farm in Virginia for sale for a song and dreamed of Tranquil Space Pig and Pug Animal Sanctuary. Tim reminded me that they require 24/7 care and we’re away a bit at this time in our lives. Um, good point.

The dream remains as a planted seed. Water and sunlight will help bring it to fruition at the right time.

A Peek into This Week

  1. Coloring before
  2. Coloring after
  3. Mookie fireside
  4. Sixth and I awaiting Cheryl Strayed

Savvy Sources

How to Live in a Tiny House Without Killing Your Husband
Mindfulness Builds Grey Matter in the Brain
Uncertainty and Our Search for Meaning
Famous Advice on Writing
Movies: The End of the Tour and Spotlight
Ted Talk: All It Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes and Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.
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Weekend Wish List

Serve at Hospice
Feed pigs at Poplar Spring’s Thanksgiving for the Turkeys
Practice yoga
Renwick Gallery date with girlfriend
Co-teach Biz of Yoga workshop
Time with writing group
Sit fireside

What’s on your weekend wish list? Bisous. x