Week in Review

love notes
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Week in Review

taught one yoga class
took two yoga classes
work at the Women’s Center
completed a journal, started another
ordered the cutest gold polka dot tissue paper for TranquiliT orders
penned last post on blogger {le sigh}
released new website
had call with teacher director
penned mindful monday: calm in chaos
penned monday love note
released podcast #329: my 2015 dreams
released week 3 of 52 weeks
celebrated 11 years with le beau
shipped orders
spent hours reading fireside over the weekend
survived le pug’s first seizure {boo}
prepped for director’s retreat
prepped agenda for foundation board meeting
prepped for hosting writing lab
meditation with le beau
ate too many 7-Eleven donuts {I have a problem}
set up a few super exciting podcast interviews
enjoyed fireside jazz date night at the Tabard Inn

Weekend Wish List

cupcake and macaron tour with girlfriend
procure monogram mug from Anthropologie
inspiring teacher meeting
host inspiring director’s retreat
host inspiring writing lab
inspiring foundation board meeting
savor Gigi at the Kennedy Center

Et toi? What’s on your Weekend Wish List?

Bisous. x