Week in Review {Pics + Links}

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Week in Review

Happy Harvest Moon. A sacred time to harvest our energy for what matters most. And listen to Neil Young. And slow things down. And express gratitude for all there is to harvest. And reflect on what’s been sown so far this year.

Grateful for the fresh air coming through open windows. Last night I wore a beanie and boots. Tim laughed saying it must be 80. We checked and nope it was 70, so I felt justified in my fall attire. I’m ready for this brand new season.

This week included collaborating with clients, celebrating Tim’s birthday, sipping wine, practicing yoga, coordinating with my accountant, packing orders, shipping products, working on the Hip Tranquil Chick 10 chapter, two dinners with friends, a call with a friend, approving the Daybook proof, ordering items for the confetti-filled Daybook pre-order bonus, coordinating a pet adoption event at Tranquil Space, finding Belle the cutest winter coat ever, and watching some of Aaron Sorkin’s masterclass (a birthday gift to Tim) and Just Eat It.

Wishing you a weekend filled with reflection and intention. And a deep slowing down. And a soak in the tub with almond oil. Bisous. x

Pics in Review

  1. Daybook video shoot prep
  2. Belle Starr’s new winter coat
  3. Save the date: Hip Tranquil Chick 10-Year Online Celebration is December 4
  4. Love shipping out online orders
  5. Tranquil Space turns 17 next month
  6. A peek into a decade of my idea books

Savvy Sources

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Weekend Wish List

Practice yoga
Celebrate a friend’s birthday
Craft with colleagues
Savor brunch + a book event with a friend
Support Barktoberfest and play with family
Host a productive mentoring session