Week in Review {Pics + Links}

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Week in Review

Tonight I’m back to Politics & Prose for the third time in two weeks. This time I’m taking a workshop on the Habit of Writing taught by Justine (formerly interviewed on the podcast). Just walking in the doors of this iconic indie bookstore makes me feel smarter and more connected to DC culture.

This week I got tickets to upcoming Garth shows in Richmond, VA and Charleston, WV, collaborated with clients, met with my social work supervisor, enjoyed a brunch and farmers’ market date, took yoga, prepped Daybook pre-sale packages, attended a WARL/WHS charity event called Whiskey and Whiskers (and discovered I dislike gin), got my hair done, hosted doga, took a writing workshop, organized tax documents for my accountant, attended VegFest, met with Tranquil Space studio directors, penned an essay for Unstuck.com, taught a mindfulness class, and watched the debate.

I’m love this fall weather and find myself crawling under the covers and putting on my eye pillow around 9pm. We’re overcast and rainy in DC right now, so it’s like a dose of melatonin. Perfect sleeping weather. And perfect for resting the soul.

Wishing you a weekend filled with rest and renewal. It’s that time of the year and lord knows you’ve earned it. Bisous. x

Pics in Review

  1. Loot from the farmers’ market
  2. Flowers spotted at the farmers’ market
  3. Belle’s tongue
  4. Mookie post-doga
  5. Belle stealing arugula

Savvy Sources

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Weekend Wish List

Compile written essay into word document
Create confetti-filled packets for Daybook orders
Host Mindfulness Urban Retreat at Tranquil Space
Pen Tranquil Space October Muse (we’re 17!)
Record “happy 11 years” podcast with Tim
Finish Life Without Envy (podcast with author forthcoming)
Pen October dreams