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Week in Review

I’m sitting at my desk surrounded by paperwork, markers, my Daybook, a cup of black rose tea, social work study guides, and a rose-scented candle while a cat naps on my lap and two pugs snore nearby. Tim’s at the cabin getting it pretty for this weekend’s Tranquil Space teacher retreat, so I’m solo with these critters. After last night’s first solo walk with the two of them {final pic above}, I craved an adult beverage . . . but settled on a hot bath and cold Lavender Melon Kombucha.

We survived Monday’s three-hour flight back to DC with two pugs and headed straight to Petsmart to get Belle a sparkly name tag, pink collar, and pink leash. Unfortunately no pink dresses fit her as pug body types are anything but standard. I’ll keep looking!

First thing Tuesday we took her to the vet who seemed surprised to see us again so soon. We were  just in for Mookie’s annual where he shook the whole time and got his Prozac refilled. She knows how much work he is, so to show up with another one probably didn’t seem to make rational sense. I clearly went with emotional reasoning in this decision-making process. After the exam we got some not-so-great news, so there are X-rays and possible surgery next week.

Belle’s obsessed with Tim. She follows him everywhere, is always circling his feet, and gawks at him with the sweetest eyes. Me, well let’s just say she’s not as enamored. Since he left yesterday afternoon she won’t come out of her crate unless coerced and runs the other way when I approach her. When kissed on the forehead, her faint growl has quieted a notch so I call that progress!

This is my first full weekend in town since mid-April without a conference or full-day event to host. The spaciousness is almost paralyzing as I ponder what project to tackle first. I’m tempted to curl up on the couch with a pile of books, or to clean out my closet and bookshelves, or to write. Or how about just breathing, petting my furry friends, and looking out the window? That sounds fairly appealing, too!

The constant travel has been discombobulating, yet balanced with great adventures {Shenandoah, Grand Canyon, Vegas, Oklahoma, Paris, Ojai, Santa Fe, Smokies, Pittsburg, West Virginia}. Being on-the-go has allowed me to avoid diving into some deeper questions and projects. Once that gold suitcase was unpacked, it was left empty by the door ready to be repacked for the next journey a few days later.

That’s a great metaphor for life, isn’t it? Once we unpack an issue, we’re often eager to repack rather than sit with the discomfort that arises from the emptiness that remains.

This week was filled with welcoming sweet Belle Starr into the family (named by Homeward Bound Pug Rescue after this Oklahoma outlaw), collaborating with clients, teaching doga, flying from OKC to DC, interviewing Donald Altman for an upcoming podcast, joining University of Tennessee’s Veterinary Social Work Certificate Program, and hosting a corporate mindfulness workshop.

Monday’s Tranquility du Jour podcast will be with me and Tim chatting Mookie’s first year, adopting Belle, veterinary social work, and life at the moment. Hope you can join us in celebration of these silly 4-legged beings and new adventures!

Wishing you a beautiful, sacred weekend ahead. Bisous. x

Pics in Review

  1. Family shot in Oklahoma
  2. At the airport gearing up for the flight home
  3. First night in DC
  4. Doga video shoot for new weekly series on WooFDriver Facebook page
  5. Couch time
  6. My first walk with both of them {oh my!}

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Weekend Wish List

Tea with a friend
Brunch with a friend
Family walks and playtime
Daybook 5.0 prep
Digital day off