a very merry saturday night

love notes
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today was yummy. after shipping into the wee hours, then curling up with the not so big life (podcast interview to come – highly recommend this book) yesterday, i did my best to nurture my creative and spiritual side today.

the day began with a jaunt to my pug’s fave pet store for oodles of organic treats. they asked, “is it louis’ birthday?” “oh, no, he had a sprained toe last week!,” i replied. the ladies at the counter looked at me with one of those looks. then organized chez moi for a couple of hours. it’s amazing how a little shuffling of items can make such a statement. i emptied two boxes of yoga CDs and put them into a clear bin, tossed aside a broken candleabra that simply won’t hold glue, and put tranquilista books into a cute basket rather than the box they arrived in. swept the floor, washed off counters, and organized my tea shelf. minor shifts are refreshing.

next to yummy yin yoga at tranquil space where i met up with a dear friend. back to chez moi to do some creative work and catch up. after dinner she headed home and i continued to create in front of the fire while listening to a CD by tara brach. above is a before and after shot of two pages, along with some journaling over the *gorgeous* art in a papaya catalog – all layered into my visual journal a la mexico. cannot get enough of this company’s colorful, glittery, inspiring expressions.

what small shifts can you make in your life on sunday to refresh your spirit? dust a shelf. write in your journal. send a love note. bake cookies. clean out your linen closet. sleep in. read the new york times. collage. take a technology fast. donate books, clothes, or toiletries.

here’s to continued small shifts and happy spirits.