au revoir

love notes
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busily packing to head to the hills (as my pops always said before he left on a trip) and excited to hit the open road within the hour. the biggest dilemma is always what books to take and which projects to bring along. despite my proclamation to nap most of the time, i know i’ll get antsy if i don’t “accomplish” something so some work, my laptop, books, and magazines i need to go through will be accompanying my napping. it’s in my dna. at least that’s how i excuse myself!

i hope you all have a delightful holiday weekend planned and have some serious napping in the cards. don’t forget to schedule in some down time, especially if you’re traveling, spending time with family and friends, or hosting a memorial day soiree. we gotta replenish our wells or we’ll surely be lacking in our ability to give! a little legs up the wall, meditating, or journal writing goes a long way! enjoy and happy, happy holiday!