bonjour from the retreat!

love notes
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what an AMAZING group of women! so far we’ve covered our intentions, self-care, the challenge of difficult relationships, yummy yin yoga, values, and our personal visions. so much more to go – complete with a late-night viewing of the documentary shut up and sing about the dixie chicks.

i feel incredibly blessed at the moment to be connected with such a dynamic group. after lunch we had a big pow-wow about our planner pads and michelle assures me we should have a planner pad convention. yep, i know, who would have thought that one could get so excited over an organization system? joanna wants to teach people how to customize them. i shared the stickers i use that help bring splashes of color to the pages. we all had a giggle over the ridiculousness of the moment. life is full of such silliness if we will only take a deep breath and embrace it.