brain food

love notes
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sun is shining, peony candle is lit, and i’m settled in for 12ish hours of studying today. 
last night le beau offered to make me “brain food” for breakfast. this morning he was hard at work in the kitchen and i heard a strange noise. when i turned around, i saw him busily wrapping a napkin around my fork – restaurant style. too cute. 
had to share the photo of my “brain food:” farmer’s market eggs over sprouted bread with a side of champagne mangoes. my brain is ready to rock (nap, really, but i’m trying to be positive!). 
please send good thoughts today and tomorrow 9-1 as i take my comp exams for social work school. remember when i announced my plan to go back to school two years ago? what a fun, challenging, and rewarding ride it has been. thanks SO much for your support on this journey.
yay brain food! 
bisous. x