calming chair yoga

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last night my beau, louis (my pug), and i shared some yoga with seniors at an assisted living center on connecticut avenue. ok, so louis didn’t do much but lick yet his antics were most welcomed. the group was a lively bunch who seemed to enjoy their friday night festivities and were incredibly grateful. taking a little time out of life to assist others can have such a profound impact.

here are a few of the basic poses that i took them through which may assist you during your work week or any other time that you are chair bound:
begin with feet on floor open hip width apart and hands on knees. close your eyes. find your breath.
– neck rolls
– inhale lift arms along ears, exhale fold forward and release hands to the floor
– inhale lift arms along ears, exhale side bend to right, inhale lift arms, exhale side bend to left
– place your left hand on your right knee and your right hand on the chair back. inhale lengthen spine, exhale twist. repeat other side.
– place your right foot onto your left knee and fold forward. GREAT hip opener. repeat other side.