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in my last podcast and a few blog posts last week, i encouraged fellow hip tranquil chicks to do things differently. over this past week i continued my monday solo date night excursion (yoga 3, then bookstore browsing), on thursday i met a girlfriend at a darling literary cafe for some heart-to-heart chick chat, and this weekend i’m exploring naples, florida which is one big “doing things differently adventure.” this continues to open doors to creativity for me. how about you? did you try it over the past week?

i’d love to hear how you are shaking things up in your own life. i’d love to hear where you seek guidance on your journey. i’d love to hear what tips and tricks are helping you to live a more hip and tranquil life. i’d love to hear what books you’re reading, what music you’re finding inspiring, what clothes you’re loving, what poses you find exhilarating, what tea you can’t live without, and what quote you’ve found life changing. share your stories and musings with me via the blog or by e-mailing then i’ll share them through the blog and podcast to help connect all hip tranquil chicks around the globe.

our hip tranquil chick community is growing by leaps and bounds with readers and listeners as wide as london, kansas, california, and new york. i LOVE hearing from you. my mission is to serve aspiring hip tranquil chicks to live life fully with fun and flair.

i look forward to hearing from you. a BIG thanks to those who have been writing and sharing needs, thank yous, and thoughts over the past few months. xoxo

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