love notes
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gearing up for tonight’s hip hop yoga par-tay (ok, a yoga 2 class to fun hip hop tunes but par-tay sounds more exotic) with a little legs up the wall. today has been filled with good cheer as the city seems filled with joy about spring. i skipped taking class tonight (due to a sore body and my plan to get my yoga on tomorrow morning) to get a pedi. sheer delight. my poor toes needed some TLC. as i walked out of the nail salon with spacers between my toes, i headed straight for the chocolate shoppe across the street. i was on a mission for “tranquility” – the lavender-infused milk chocolate bar from new tree. it claims that 1 bar = 3 cups of lime blossom tea and the packing says “a little r & r in a chocolate bar.” what’s not to love? as i sashayed home dining on my chocolate bar with my newly painted french pedi in spacers, i had to laugh. i was having a truly decadent moment. yay for spring! off to hip hop . . .